Makeup Tricks That Will Highlight Your Eye Color For A Standout Stare


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For those with hazel eyes, you’re also going to want to keep your eyes’ undertone in mind when it comes to your eye makeup. As makeup artist Tonya Riner told Marie Claire, “Hazel eyes are a combination of warm bronzes and cool greens, which means you have a range of eyeshadow options to play with.”

In order to bring out any green undertones, reds and rose eyeshadows will be for you. But that doesn’t mean you have to go full-on pink, which can be difficult to pull off. Instead, go for something with a warmer undertone that’s more of a rosy pink. “They make my green-hazel eyes pop without looking too pink,” Julia Marzovilla, e-commerce editor at Marie Claire shared of the shades. We’d recommend blue shadows to bring out the brown in hazel eyes, as well. If you’d prefer to play up the gold and amber shades, then purple makeup (which is having a bit of a moment) will do just that.

For those who aren’t so interested in picking out one shade and want to bring out the hazel as a whole, celebrity makeup artist Mary Wiles has a few ideas there. “Using a complementary color, such as green, will make hazel eyes appear more hazel. It depends on how much green or brown is in the eyes, so play around with shades to see which works for you,” she told Huda Beauty.


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