Low-Rise Jeans Are Back And They're Surprisingly Wearable (As Much As We Hate To Admit It)


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If you’ve ever donned a pair of low-cut jeans then you probably know that they come with the risk of a dreaded plumber’s butt. Thankfully, with careful styling, the faux pa can be avoided. The best way to ensure you get a little extra coverage on your tummy (or backside) while still embracing the trend is to shop for updated waistlines. You’ve probably seen folded-over, crisscrossed, or V-waistlines all over your “for you” page recently, and that’s because they’ve become the younger generation’s answer to the impracticalities of low-cut denim.

V-waist jeans allow the wearer to show a little tummy, thus embracing the low-rise trend, but still account for that pesky muffin top that often accompanies low-cut jeans. Crisscross pants, while not necessarily timeless, feel modern and cool, the perfect addition to any professional or post-collegiate wardrobe. V-waist or crisscross-style denim is great to pair with a crop top because regardless of your body shape, or waist size, these styles look flattering on just about everyone, making it an easy choice for a party or a fun night out. For an edgier look, play around with layering. Back in the day, it was all the rage to pair your low-cut denim with a thong, but these days, the trend is a little more conservative. Pair some low-rise jeans with men’s briefs or boxer shorts and voilà — a cutting-edge look that still leaves something to the imagination.


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