Lipstick Layering Is The Technique That Helps Craft A Makeup Look All Your Own


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Consummate painter Claude Monet said, “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Similar could be said for anyone attempting to coordinate their lip color with their skin tone, their outfit, the season, event, and their wallet. Have no fear. If you’re reading this, you likely have a drawer full of lipstick (or would like to) and many of them have been abandoned, barely used, and you have that one go-to down to the nub. Time to experiment.

Get to know color. Do a bit of research on color blocking trends. Learn what tones compliment your skin color and what happens when certain colors blend with others. When it comes to finding a hue that you’re aiming for, you might consider if you look best in “warm” or “cool” versions of a particularly favorite color. If you have a cool red, it contains more blue tones, and if you’d like to warm it up, blend in a layer of an orange, yellow, or peach. If you’d like the reverse, consider cooling a warm red tone by blending in a more purple or blue layer. If you like a bold color but want to tone any harsh edges, try blending a thin layer of gold or silver on top. The iridescent quality will reflect the light differently and whether you choose silver, a cool tone, or gold, a warm one, it will cut any stark monochromatic elements that might look too inorganic for what you want.

Find a friendly makeup artist at your local skin care counter and pick up a few color tips along with a few new colors. Find out what you like and what you still have in that drawer. Then add your new lip painting skills to the overall makeup routine that works for you.


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