Here's What Went Down With Ta-Ta Towel After Shark Tank


Cook, Motivationist and Nutritionist.

Ta-Ta Towels is still very much in business as of July 2023, with the company expanding far beyond the Ta-Ta Towel “Shark Tank” viewers saw on the show. On its website, the business now sells everything from robes and shorties to hair towels. The company has also expanded its flagship product to create unique Ta-Ta Towels (which are also useful for breastfeeding mothers) for almost any occasion. For the 4th of July, the brand introduced a Stars and Stripes version of the classic design, while Valentine’s Day also brought a selection of new colors.

The brand has amassed quite a following on social media, too. The company’s official Instagram account has more than 220,000 followers, with a further 116,000 followers on Facebook. Over on TikTok, the company boats another almost 260,000 followers while its videos rack up thousands of views. Not bad, right? The company clearly has a dedicated customer base, as Ta-Ta Towels has launched its own Ambassador Program which allows the most dedicated customers to get access to things like discounts, rewards, and early access to new products.


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