Here's What Went Down With Curie After Shark Tank


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Already an established business, Sarah Moret had a lot to lose when she took Curie on “Shark Tank.” The entrepreneur went on the show looking for $300,000 in exchange for a 5% share in her business, which wasn’t yet bringing in a profit, though Moret explained she was looking to make a very impressive $2 million in 2021. But that still wasn’t enough to attract all the sharks. Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, and Barbara Corcoran all bowed out following the pitch, which left only Daymond John in the running. John then offered Moret the full $300,000 she was looking for, but he wanted 20% of the business — 15% more than Monet was initially offering. That’s why Moret came back with another counteroffer, asking if John would drop to a 12% stake. “I know my worth, I know the company’s worth and I’m not backing down,” she confidently told him (via Dot.LA).

But, proving anything can happen on “Shark Tank,” John then dropped out after Moret explained she only had two hours to prepare — which was good news for Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. The previously out sharks came back in, offering the full amount for 14% of the business. Monet once again asked to drop to 12% and another 2% in advisory shares, before the trio then agreed to shake hands at 10% and 4% advisory shares for $300,000. See, we told you it was eventful!


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