What Should You Wear To A Restaurant With A Semi-Formal Dress Code?


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A semi-formal dress code might be the best one for a restaurant, honestly. There’s no need for evening dresses and tuxedos, yet you’re still going to feel dressed up and special. Fashion stylist Lara Eurdolian King tells InStyle that when it comes to semi-formal attire, you are free to play with fabrics, hemlines, details, and everything in between.

According to King, semi-formal means you’re allowed to wear “anything from a long slip dress to an over-the-knee situation, two-piece or even pants.” However, the many options might be overwhelming for some, so choose your focal garment first. Dresses and jumpsuits are easier to style as they can be the only clothing piece you need to wear, so stick to those if you’re not sure how to work around a two-piece set. Just make sure to avoid mini-lengths and overly revealing pieces.

Details create the big picture, especially here. Think interesting hemlines, patterns, and colors; all would work for a semi-formal restaurant dress code. King advises paying attention to fabrics and materials as those can elevate the look without you having to try too much. Fabrics like silk and velvet for clothes can make you feel luxurious, while leather is a great choice for accessories. Don’t go overboard with jewelry, though, as over-the-top statement pieces no longer fall into the semi-formal category.


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