Vanilla Dating Is All About Finding Love & Connection In The Everyday


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The key to vanilla dating is rooted in its simplicity. As Tina Wilson, founder of dating app Wingman, explained to Stylist, “The most fulfilling and contented relationships can be found in everyday experiences.” Rather than reinventing the wheel with lavish date ideas, activities, and locations, vanilla dating is instead rooted in embracing a slower and more everyday journey. Whether that means staying in and cooking together or enjoying an easy evening stroll, Wilson elaborated that dating “doesn’t always have to be filled with grand gestures or extravagant experiences.” This can be important for those who might be on a budget or are looking for ways to save money, but can be especially important to those looking to cut out the extravagance of early romance in favor of achieving intimacy sooner. 

By embracing a slower and more domestic approach to your relationship you can allow yourself to relax without the constant need for planned excitement and busy adventures. Without the distraction of external activities, vanilla dating can actually help you achieve a deeper connection with a new partner. Plus, finding joy in the everyday can be an important lesson not just for your relationship, but for your own mental health. Taking the time to truly enjoy the smaller routines and activities in your life can bring you closer to a new partner and also help you feel more connected to your life in general.


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