Dry Shampoo Isn't Just For The Day — Here's Why It's Also A Nighttime Staple


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Although it’s easy to grab for the dry shampoo in the morning when you’re getting ready to head to the gym, work, or just getting yourself together, it may actually be more beneficial to you if you use the product at night to help save time during the day. “You’re able to touch up your style that has been setting overnight, versus spending too much time in front of the mirror the next day,” hairstylist Lindsay Victoria tells Well and Good.

By using a dry shampoo before bed, you can keep your hair from getting oily while you’re sleeping. Applying before bed also offers the product more time to sit in the hair for maximum absorption. “One of my favorite tips is to apply at night instead of in the morning,” Lindsey Zubritsky, M.D., says in an interview with Byrdie. This lets the dry shampoo work overnight to absorb oil and grease, she added.

Using dry shampoo at night can be extremely beneficial if you have fine hair, as well as hair that’s prone to excess oil. For these cases, Victoria suggests choosing dry shampoo powder over the spray. Of course, no matter your hair type, there are many other ways to help your locks stay fresh at night.


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